Roseville Estate – Event Venue

Roseville Estate Cambridge Event Venue

I took some time this week to go back to two different Cambridge, Ontario event venues that I haven’t visited in some time. The “Tri-City Area” (Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge) have some unique options that are just about an hour outside of Toronto. I wanted to have a fresh look at Roseville Estate and Langdon Hall. Both are picturesque venues that I have been lucky to work in in the past but have gone through major renovations since. Here, I will take a look at Roseville Estate Event Venue.

The Estate

One of my favourite parts of this venue happens the moment you drive into the entrance. The experience starts with a long and serene tree-lined driveway up to the house. The Estate now has a proper lot with ample parking for guests. No need to create spots on the grass anymore! The house façade did not change too dramatically, thankfully. It’s just bigger in size.

Roseville Estate Cambridge Event Venue
Stephanie Tudin Photography
Roseville Estate Cambridge Event Venue Bedroom

The venue can only hold one event per day which means you would have the run of the place. An event would have all-day access to the venue beginning at 9am. It’s indoor facilities include a large bedroom that you can use to get ready in. There are a number of other rooms on the main and second floor for use as well. The major changes are within the house. The venue no longer has the backyard tent for events as it has built a type of grand-hall space for them instead. They’ve also added a build-in bar on the main floor where the home’s kitchen used to be. The house is now a fully self-functioning event space!

Roseville Estate Cambridge Event Venue Ballroom
Elisha K Photography
Roseville Estate Cambridge Event Venue Ballroom
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I do love that it is a blank space that has windows that let the sun shine in. You can do a lot with it! I am, however, disappointed that they got rid of the tent. I loved that it felt like it was a backyard party in a home that you so happened to rent. This is, however, a lot more functional for the new owners. So, it’s still a bit like you’re having an in-home wedding, just that you so happen to have a banquet hall in that house! What did not change are the beautiful grounds that come with renting this estate. The pool is still in the backyard, available for your use. There are many outdoor photo opportunities here.

Roseville Estate Cambridge Event Venue Backyard Pool
Roseville Estate Cambridge Event Venue Outdoor Ceremony Space
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Wedding Ceremonies can be held on the lawn with the blue barn on site as a rain back-up. It could also be your first choice of course. The barn comfortably fits 150 guests for a ceremony.

Roseville Estate Cambridge Event Venue Barn

The nitty-gritty

The new “ballroom” can comfortably fit 200 guests with a dance floor. The venue includes folding tables and chairs for the dining room and they also include white folding chairs for your ceremony. Three harvest tables are also available for your use. There is an outdoor bar for a patio cocktail hour and they also have lawn games as well. All catering is done in-house.

The cost to rent the venue is $9500.00. Food and beverage packages start at $150.00 per person which includes food, bar, and gratuities. There are no extra fees for DJ plug-ins, extra vendors, or anything like that. I am told that these fees are all-inclusive.

Up next, I’ll take a look at Langdon Hall!


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