To all the women I’ve loved before

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Have you ever actually taken the time to look back and thought of all of the women who have entered your life in pivotal moments? Shit is heavy.

I am grateful that I had time this morning, on this year’s International Women’s Day, to reflect this exact topic. To be able to message them to say I appreciate having them in my life. Thank them for being there for me at a crazy time, or just being together while we grew up.

I have been incredibly lucky to have been surrounded and brought up by so many women. The matriarchs in my family, grandmothers who were teachers, caregivers and entrepreneurs in their own right. My mother, the very essence of the perfect hostess, eternal optimist and also a woman successful in her field. She did it her own way, by showing true care and empathy to all her clients, some traits that are sometimes described as “too feminine”.

I grew up in a dance studio with mainly women teachers to look up to and girls as peers. Yes, there were some emotional times especially in our teenage years, but I am better because of them. Better because I had them as leaders, guides and a close-knit team. I went to an all girl Catholic school, and even though I highly opposed this institution at the time, looking back I am grateful. I only had young women to look to and build strong relationships. We never had to care too much about how we looked and were able to be confident in that. I never had to compare myself to boys, and took this with me as I grew older.

Now, I’m in an industry that is dominated by strong, resilient and incredibly creative women. Women who know exactly what I’m going through and if they don’t, are patient in listening. They support and build each other up and have motivated me to be better, push harder.

Then there are my unicorn friends and sisters. Not your basic bitches. My life cheerleaders, endless promoters and adventure partners. Those who don’t wear make-up every day, swear like sailors and dance like no one’s watching. My tribe.

I love my femininity. I love that I care “too much”. I am lucky to know you all. Happy International Women’s Day.

International Women's Day 2019

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