Backyard 50th Birthday Party – Mama Mia/70’s Themed

Really, I wanted to call this one “That time I threw a Geriatric Rager”, but thought I’d at least keep the title PG ūüėČ (lol)

Suzanne is a free spirit with a great sense of humour who just happened to be turning the big 5-0 this year. gh Events was lucky enough to be able to help her¬†organize and style a memorable¬†party for this milestone. She asked for a mixed theme of Mama Mia/70’s/Disco Party – so really everything fun! Oh and did I mention there was karaoke?

It was held at her sister’s beautiful backyard in Coral Springs, Florida on a gorgeous sunny day for 30 of her closest family and friends. They were an older, church-going crowd but trust me, that did not hinder the party whatsoever! Guests¬†started rolling in to Greek-inspired appetizers¬†all made by her family while dance-inducing ABBA¬†filled the air. Tables were styled reminiscent of Greece, white linens with natural foliage from a local wholesaler and foraging in their backyard. Hues of blue from sea glass dotted the table tops and what’s a 70s party without disco balls? I was happily surprised when one of her guests walked in with Jello Shots! She said “Well, you want everyone to sing don’t you?” Haha. She totally gets it.

After most guests started milling about in their different styles of 70s garb with full drink cups, our karaoke DJ opened the stage floor to the excited crowd. From Gloria Gaynor to¬†Janis Joplin the songs ran the gambit of styles, some of course more seasoned than others while everyone else¬†cheered and danced along. Everyone was having such a great time that we needed to extend the DJ’s contract by another hour!

And then, like most of the college ragers I used to throw back in my hey-day, two cops arrived at the front door at 11pm, the exact moment our DJ said his thank you’s. We were just about to get a noise complaint. In their notes the grumbling neighbour had stated¬†“Bad Karaoke”. LOL



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