Always the Wedding Planner, Finally the Bride

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Well it’s been about just over a month since we said “I do”. Aaron promised me the bigger half of the closet and I vowed to always have my hiking shoes ready for an adventure. <3 I wanted this topic to be my first ever post on my very own website because planning our wedding was a great experience for us, and I hope it will be for you too.

Ever since we got engaged back in June I’ve had many friends, family and strangers comment on how “easy” it must’ve been to plan my own wedding. The truth is, yes, in some ways it totally was! But it’s not because I’ve been pining away my entire life dreaming about this moment, or have some sort of wedding binder a la Monica on Friends. I didn’t even see myself as a wedding planner when I decided to get into events. It somehow just chose me. And I have loved every moment of being a part of a couple’s big day. These past 5 years have really been the highlight of my life in terms of my career. I genuinely love coming into your lives and creating something unique and meaningful with you and your families. Plus, I love a good party!

So no, I actually had no real idea of how I wanted our wedding to look like. Being serial hosts to many parties meant that we did know how we wanted our guests to feel – special, and by the end of the night nice and tipsy! That’s always an easy conclusion. Our friends and family’s experience was our TOP priority. Once we decided to go with a destination wedding in Maui, things just started falling into place.

I think the biggest difference between a planner planning his or her own wedding and a non-planner would be education. This isn’t our first rodeo when for most couples it is. I knew what prices to expect for items and services, plus I knew the process. There were no big shocks. I trusted my vendors, I had to since they were almost halfway across the world. Once we made a decision I left it be. I didn’t go back to Google search MORE ideas. Ain’t nobody got time for that! I mean, I went back and tweaked a couple of things here and there closer to the date, sure. But no MAJOR changes. This isn’t the case for most brides I get that. Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking! This is just how it worked for me. For someone who’s pretty OCD with everyone else’s wedding, I was pretty decisive with mine.

There were definitely some tough decisions on my end. Struggles for me included finding and trusting a DJ who’s so far away because dead air is my worst nightmare! A full dance floor is a must. Also, finding readings that weren’t long and sappy but still had meaning. Luckily our writer friends came to the rescue and wrote us custom readings! I also struggled with scaling my DIY crafts back. As much as I wanted to make and build things so that we were fully “represented” in our décor and details, I had to stop myself and think, “Wait, I’d have to pack all this in a suitcase?!”. So I’m actually pretty grateful that we had the opportunity to host a destination wedding because of this. What an awesome release to let go!

Oh and did I hire a wedding coordinator? Absolutely I did! That’s how much I valued my time with all of our guests flying to the middle of the Pacific Ocean for us. And how much I value my job <3



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