Loss and Love

I’m really trying to get into this whole blogging thing, so please bear with me.

These past couple of days was one of loss and love. Unfortunately, we had a death in the family. My husband, Aaron, lost an uncle. Since we’ve been together for so long, it felt like I lost one too. As soon as we found out, we booked a flight to Florida to pay our last respects and support his family.

Funerals in themselves are a bit of a contradiction, don’t you think? There is sadness over the death yet there is much celebration over their life. People tend to come out of the woodwork for this occasion! People you haven’t seen in a while or people you’ve never really met are able to bond over this loss. Weirdly enough, this is why I kinda like them. Sure it doesn’t have the same celebration shininess as a wedding or birthday but, it is still a celebration of someone’s life. Simple.

Aaron’s uncle, Bob, was an incredible guy. Extremely even-keeled in a very “outspoken” family. The voice of reason is how I saw him. He’d listen intently to any of our crazy stories but never passed judgement. He tried very hard to never involve himself with the family’s arguments over religion or politics. A great father, patient husband and just all around a great dude.

Funny how life works though. This past year he was able to check off many things from his bucket list. We were so happy he was able to visit us in Canada to see Niagara Falls and the cottage. He spent Thanksgiving with his family, and even went out East for his sister’s 70th birthday. I think the biggest highlight was that he was also able to watch his beloved Philadelphia Eagles win the Super Bowl!

What I truly enjoyed these past couple of days is that we were able to get to know his children from his first marriage whom we’ve never met. All of his children were all in one place, probably for the first time ever! It was great being in a room with them, hearing them all reminisce.

These are the times that truly make you think about your life and how you’d like to live it. We’ve decided to extend our stay here in Florida because our first anniversary is coming up, and we believe that’s something worth celebrating! For now, we’re drinking his favourite, cold margaritas in his honour.

Cheers to you Bob <3



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