“Bye Felicia” Goodbye Party – Toronto vs. Vancouver

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to be asked by my past wedding clients to help them plan a “Bye Felicia” Goodbye Party. They have found new opportunities out west and have decided to move to Vancouver. It was a little heartbreaking as I’ve grown so close with them and their families but Vancouver is just a short flight away and adventure always awaits!

They decided to host it in their backyard which made for fairly easy planning. They just requested for me to do whatever I saw fit for them. Love their trust! It was the PERFECT day for an outdoor party.

I will forever love house parties as I am a serial host. Think about it, what gets you really motivated to cleaning or fixing up your house? Having guests over, for sure! Even though it usually means double cleaning duty – before and AFTER the event. People just have these great yards and/or houses that sometimes don’t ever get enjoyed. Everyone is so caught up with the grind and getting home for a quick meal and TV binge. It’s nice to gussy up what we already have and bring people together. Let’s all do more of that this summer, shall we? Backyard parties forever!

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Again, these clients just trusted me. It was in their home, they’re both incredibly relaxed so I wasn’t gunna go out buying crystal chandeliers!

Bistro Bulb Lights are a must to have at your backyard party! Honestly, if you have the outdoor Christmas lights, they’ll do as well (warm LEDs not the super white ones)! They create this warm, inviting environment and they are surprisingly bright! Luckily we had bought these for their wedding so had them on hand.

Seating areas are needed especially if there’s food involved, and who doesn’t throw a party without food? I rented 2 picnic tables with umbrellas because of the lack of shade in their backyard, 3 cocktail tables and 4 folding tables with linens for food service. As there was going to be about 70-100 guests coming at different times, this was a party to mingle at, have a bite and drinks, of course, hang out with friends and say their goodbyes. So lots of seating inside and out (we used what they had inside the house for extra seating) and enough tables to eat on and rest their drinks.

All the rentals were extremely affordable. Remember to mix what you’ve got with rentals to keep costs low.

Toronto Party Planner CN Tower Backyard Party


For tabletop I went to Ikea! They just make entertaining so easy and affordable. Went with green plants in galvanized pots, they doubled as favours for those who made it to the end of rounds and rounds of flip cup! And small glass vases with fairy lights in them. I mixed this with tea lights in terra cotta pots and blue glass votives for that added pop of colour.

An easy-peasy mini pinwheel backdrop was also added to bring all the colours together and provide more depth to the tower. Two of the pieces were actually handmade denim wreaths. I thought these would be incredibly appropriate for my client as she used to work in retail and really just loves jeans! I’ll blog about the DIY this week.










Finally, the pièce de résistance was the piñata we ordered from Big Ass Pinata. It brought the reason why we were all there together! I had asked her for the CN Tower in the Rocky Mountains and did she ever nail it! On the same table I placed two frames of the two city’s skylines – Toronto vs. Vancouver from an Etsy artist for everyone to sign their best wishes.

CN Tower, Toronto, The 6ix, Pinata, Toronto Party Planner

Bouncy Castle, Fun event, Toronto Party Planner




Oh and how could I forget the Bouncy Castle? Fun for kids and adults alike! We also had a bouncy castle for the bride’s wedding so how could we not do the same for their going away?


I’ll definitely be missing my friends but I’m sure they always know that

Toronto is Home.



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